Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is finally upon us, and with that said, the Fighting Game community has yet another major gem which will not only enhance the amount of competition within the scene, but bring in both new players and viewers as well. Capcom is wasting no time helping kick off the competition that the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite community will surely bring; as the company has recently announced a small Tournament Series of sorts which will celebrate the launch of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Entitled “Battle for the Stones” the tournament will consist of seven of the past EVO champions and a new group of nine qualifiers, all of which will go head to head in the Battle for the Stones competition. The tournament will comprise of six “Infinity Stone” qualifier tournament which will take place around the world, each tournament representing one of the six Infinity Stones. The winner from each event will then be able to use the power of the Infinity Stone which will have a specific, tournament rule-bending impact which they can choose to activate during the finals which wiull take place in Anaheim CA, on December 9th-10th. There will also be three additional online qualifiers, these in which will not feature Infinity Stones, which will take place for the EY, LATAM, and NA regions – thus completing the top 16 bracket.





The Battle for the Stones Tournament Series is a global series of competitive gaming tournaments featuring Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite culminating to a special exhibition at the Battle for the Stones Finals.

Qualification Process

This MvC:I tournament features:

  • 7 invited players (every former EVO Marvel Vs. Capcom Champion)
  • 6 winners of Infinity Stone Tournaments
  • 3 players from Online Qualifying Tournaments

Rule of Succession

In the event an invited player (EVO Champion) wins an Infinity Stone Tournament, that player will not receive an Infinity Stone, and Capcom will extend a Battle for the Stones Finals invitation and Infinity Stone to the next highest qualifying player.

Finals Tournament Dates

December 8-10, 2017 at the Hilton Anaheim

Tournament Rules

  • All Qualifying Tournaments will be conducted according to the Capcom Pro Tour Official Tournament Rules as set forth in Exhibit B (the “Tournament Rules”) at
  • Final rules for the Battle for the Stones Finals will be posted at a later date

Tournament Seeding

  • Infinity Stone Tournament winners will be seeded randomly against the Evo Champions
  • The remaining Evo Champion and Online Qualifying Tournament winners will be paired at random

Player Eligibility

All Tournaments are open to all individuals 13 years old and older as of March 1, 2017. All players at least 13 years old, but under the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they live (a “Minor”) (i) must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to register for and participate in a Tournament, and (ii) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at each Tournament in which he or she participates.

Infinity Stone Use

  • Infinity Stones only have special functions during the “Battle for the Stones” finals at Capcom Cup.
  • Infinity Stone abilities will be revealed at each corresponding Infinity Stone Tournament.
  • All Infinity Stones can only be used one time per Stone Bearer, and then can no longer be used by that Stone Bearer for the rest of the tournament.
  • A player may not use two Infinity Stones during a single set. However, two Stone Bearers can use their stones during the same match or set.

Stone Duration

All Infinity Stones only last for one match out of a 3/5 set. The Stone Bearer can decide which match in the set they want to use the stone, as long as it takes place before the match begins.

Stone Acquisition

  • Infinity Stones can obtained initially by winning one of six Qualifying Tournaments.
  • During the Battle for the Stones Finals, if a Stone Bearer is defeated, the winner of that match now obtains their Infinity Stone, which can then be used once by the new Stone Bearer during the tournament.

Evo Champions may not win an Infinity Stone from a Qualifying Tournament

The Evo Champions have already ascended to beyond-omega power levels, they are not eligible to win a stone from a Qualifying Tournament. In the event they win an Infinity Stone Qualifying Tournament, the Infinity Stone will be passed to the next eligible player.

  • In the event that the next eligible player is a tie, the two tied players will play a 3/5 set to determine who wins the Infinity Stone and qualifies for the Battle for the Stones Finals.

No competitor may win multiple qualifying spots for the Battle for the Stones Finals

  • Players who have already qualified for the Battle for the Stones Finals may still enter Infinity Stone tournaments, or Online Qualifying Tournaments if they would like. However, they are not eligible to win multiple spots.

  • In the case that a single player wins multiple Infinity Stone tournaments, then they may choose which Infinity Stone they would like to bring into the Battle for the Stones Finals. The remaining Infinity Stone will go to the next eligible player.

  • Evo Champions may not enter the Battle for the Stones Finals with an Infinity Stone. However, if they defeat a Stone Bearer during the Battle for the Stones Finals, they acquire the Infinity Stone and may use it once throughout the Battle for the Stones Finals.

Marvel vs Capcom is sure to bring the heat to the FGC and will ultimately offer a fresh experience to both new and old competitors of the franchise. The game is already available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam – so be sure to grab yourself a copy!

You can checkout the official ruling and information for the “Battle of the Stones” tournament series by visiting the official web-page here! Also, checkout the awesome announcement trailer for the Battle of the Stones tournament, below!


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