Whether you love him or hate him as a Character, he somehow always finds his way back onto the roster. That’s right! Everyone’s favorite fighting savage beast, Blanka, is headed to the Street Fighter V cast – probably a lot sooner than you think. Capcom has recently announced that Blanka will be coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on February 20th, and even released a special overview trailer, showing him off in action for the first time.


For the most part Blanka plays just like, well, Blanka! Not all that much has changed with him since the past previous iteration of Street Fighter, however the new V-system definitely does put a unique spin on the characters already bizarre move-set. For instance, the V-skill will enable Blanka to duck for a certain period of time, which enables him to avoid projectiles when timed properly, and perhaps even some standing normal’s.  The V-Skill can also be canceled into a move called “Wind Life” or another move called “Raid Jump”

Blanka’s V Trigger 1 and 2 on the other hand seem to extend upon his Blanka Ball move, as well as unlock some other moves which can help extend combos. Like we see in the trailer for instance, you’ll be able to cancel a certain part of Blanka’s V-Trigger 1 to go directly into his Critical Art.

Overall, Blanka seems to stay true to his roots for the most part, so I can only imagine that previous Blanka mains from older Street Fighter titles are more than likely excited to get their hands on him.


Blanka will be available to purchase/download on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on February 20th for $5.99/100,00 Fight Money, or free for owners of the Season 3 DLC Character Pass.

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