With a new year now underway, various leagues and tournament seasons are now beginning to start their new seasons once more, and Capcom is no exception. With the recent launch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition about a month ago, many players have been testing the changes and figuring out which characters they will be playing this year, in preparation for the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour for 2018; while no word regarding the upcoming season was announced during the time of Arcade Edition’s launch, Capcom has finally announced details regarding the upcoming season for their pro tour, this week.

The 2018 Capcom Pro Tour will officially kick off next month, and will be divided into three categories this year: Ranking Events, Premier Events, and EVO. Each of these types of events will offer Pro Points to players who advance far enough in each tournament bracket, the players who have accumulated the most points by the end of the season will qualify to compete in the final, which is the Capcom Cup, held at the end of the year.

This year, the Capcom Pro Tour will see some changes, more particularly pertaining to the points distribution. Some of the more significant changes include EVO point distribution being much higher than last year for the winner, Premier Event winners receiving 300 more points than last year, as well as Ranked events ultimately distributing less points to the winners. With that said, it seems Capcom is definitely putting much more of an emphasis on the Premier Events, as these will be distributing the most amount of points and will be an absolute must for players hoping to earn enough points to qualify for the Capcom Cup.

CPT 2018 Points Distribution

The Capcom Pro Tour will feature events in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. A slew of events have already been announced for the Pro Tour, which are listed below:

FINAL ROUND 20 – Atlanta, GA, March 16-18

NORCAL REGIONALS 2018 – Sacramento, CA, March 30 – April 1

STUNFEST 2018 – Rennes, France, May 18-20

COMBO BREAKER 2018 – Chicago, IL, May 25-27

TW FIGHTER MAJOR – Taipei, Taiwan, June 16-17

COMMUNITY EFFORT ORLANDO 2018 – Daytona Beach, FL, June 29 – July 1

VSFIGHTING 2018 – Birmingham, UK, July 20-22

ESPORTS FESTIVAL HONG KONG – Hong Kong, August 25-26

CHINA PREMIER EVENT – China, September 1-2

DREAMHACK MONTREAL – Montreal, Canada, September 7-9

SOCAL REGIONALS 2018 – Los Angeles, CA September

JAPAN PREMIER at TOKYO GAME SHOW – Tokyo, Japan, September

EGX – EU REGIONAL FINAL – Birmingham, UK, September 20-23

SEAM 2018 – ASIA REGIONAL FINAL – Singapore, October 13-14

CANADA CUP 2018 – Toronto, Canada, October 26-28


LATAM REGIONAL FINAL – Brazil, November 2-4




Overall, this season of the Capcom Pro Tour is bound to be the biggest yet, especially with so many events for players to compete in. Online events have also announced to be making a return, so all of you online warriors out there, keep an eye out for future details regarding upcoming CPT online tournaments.

The first Capcom Pro Tour Event is set to be Final Round 20, which will be taking place from March 16th – 18th.


You can learn more details about the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour by visiting the official CPT website located here.

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