With Super smash Bros. Ultimate’s official release just around the corner, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Nintendo has been working behind the scenes to begin ramping up marketing for the upcoming title, even for the competitive Smash Bros crowd.

Earlier today, the ELEAGUE organization took to Twitter, revealing a hype-trailer which showcased some of the biggest highlights from Nintendo’s E3 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitational event – ultimately revealing that they would be re-broadcasting the event on the show on their network, TBS, this coming November.


This is huge news for the Super Smash Bros. community, as a televised tournament for the event is a huge milestone! Despite this broadcast only being a rebroadcast of the action which took place at E3 2018 this summer; many are now being lead to believe that Nintendo may be working behind the scenes, alongside ELEAUE, to officially bring a LIVE Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament series to the network – sometime in the near future.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, it’s same to assume that they may be just gauging interest – so be sure to tune into rebroadcast if TBS is apart of your network list of providers!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2018.

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