HearthStone is undoubtedly, one of the fastest growing online CCG’s of it’s kind, let alone as an eSports title. With various Leagues, and tournament series now picking the game up, it’s no surprise to hear about more and more large cash prized tournament being revealed. However, earlier yesterday the entire HearthStone community was shaken with yet another large prize pool tournament announcement, that isn’t really to far off.

What is looking like to become the newly born baby of the World Cyber Games which closed it’s doors earlier this year. The WEC (World eSports Championship Games) has announced another giant tournament this week in China. WEC tournament have been announced to be a global event, which will be held annually, with several games as the flagship titles, which include; DOTA 2, StarCraft 2, WarCraft 3, and of course HearthStone. Tournaments will start off as online, and may last up to 3 months with certain games. As the tournament progresses the series will lead up to the grand finals which will be held as a LAN event in the Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou, from September 6th to September 8th.

Keep checking in with World3Gaming.com as we will cover further details regarding this event as they roll out.

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