If you’re much into watching competitive HearthStone, odds are you were watching the recent “Seat Story Cup 3” this past weekend. The Seat Story Cup is one of the finest, well produced, and entertaining HearthStone tournament series that we currently have in the scene, and it seems they aren’t going anywhere with #3 recently taking place. We were able to see some very interesting, and close games this past weekend, with a few different deck iterations considering the recent release of Wing 1 & 2 of the Blackrock Mountain HearthStone adventure.

In case you missed any of the action, be sure to check out the official results from the tournament below!

Seat Story Cup III Results

1st Place – Team Archon: Orange

2nd Place – ROOT Gaming: Ostkaka

3rd Place – Millennium: Maverick

4th Place – Team Archon: Xixo

5th Place –  MYinsanity: Alesh

5th Place – Nihilum: Lothar

6th Place –  Ignite

7th Place – Nihilum: Lifecoach


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