Last weekend, was a HUGE weekend for eSports fan, everywhere! From November 7th-8th Blizzcon 2014 took place, Blizzards annual community convention, where they show off new titles, hold community contents, and of course host the World Championships for a variety of their flagship titles! Of course, with the Championships now at a close, we’ve got the full results from each respective tournament. You can check them all out below!


StarCraft 2 WCS Finals Results

1st Place: (Z) Life

2nd Place: (T) MMA

3rd Place: (T) TaeJa

4th Place: (P) Classic

HearthStone Global Finals Results

1st Place: Firebat

2nd Place: Tiddler Celestial

3rd Place: DTwo

4th Place: Kranlch

World of Warcraft Championship Results

1st Place: Bleached Bones

2nd Place: Skill-Capped EU

3rd Place: Amigos

3rd Place: Push Push

Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Results

1st Place: Cloud 9

2nd Place: Evil Geniuses

3rd Place: Team Liquid

3rd Place: Fnatic

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