Competitive Gears of War has seen a bit of resurgence since the release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition which launched on the Xbox One back in 2015, and arrived on Windows 10 PC early this year. Since then, the game has seen quite a handful of eSports LAN’s and even it’s own Tournament Season presented by ESL. But now, with the Ultimate Edition competition quickly beginning to die down a bit, and with a brand new entry on the horizon, Xbox and The Coalition have taken note of the desires of the competitive Gears community, and are now taking things to the next level.

Announced earlier this week, Xbox and The Coalition have announced the Gears eSports Pro Circuit, featuring Gears of War 4. This circuit will mark the franchises first official circuit, in quite awhile, even being backed by the developers themselves. A slew of events have already been announced for the Circuit, along with an overall prize pool of $1,000,000 in cash prizes!

Players and teams seeking to qualify for these events can earn “Gears Pro Points” which can be earned by competing in regional MLG GameBattles online ladders, as well as in daily and weekly tournament. Points will earn players a spot to compete in the international circuit open LAN events, which are set to take place every 1-2 months, following shortly after the official launch of Gears 4 in October 2016. The overall Circuit will feature the fiercest competition the scene has seen yet, featuring top teams from North America, Europe, Latin america, and Oceania.

The following events have already been announced for the upcoming Circuit:

November 25-27, 2016 Columbus, USA MLG 108+ $250,000
December 17-18, 2016 London, United Kingdom Gfinity 32 $100,000
Spring 2017 Mexico City, Mexico Gfinity 32 $75,000
Spring 2017 Columbus, USA MLG 16 $100,000
Spring/Summer 2017 Paris, France Gfinity 32 $75,000
Summer 2017 Las Vegas, USA MLG 108+ $250,000

An additional $100,000 event will take place at a surprise location plus a launch e

A lot of Gears related content will be pushed out during this Circuit as well, as Gears eSports Weekly, which will be hosted by MLG – will feature live showcase matches from online tournament as well as ladder games. The weekly show will also highlight key players, teams, and more from the international Gears scene.

Both Xbox and The Coalition have also announced that this October, a surprise tournament/launch event will also be held, where $25,000 will be up for grabs. Players will be able to signup for the qualifier via GameBattles to take a shot at competing in the finals, during this surprise launch event. More details regarding this event are expected to come within a few week.


It’s quite exciting to see Gears of War get back into the eSports spotlight. The title is one of the most difficult shooters to play at high level, and offer fast-paced, hype action for spectators. From the sound of things right now, Gears 4 has a pretty bright eSports future ahead of itself.

You can view the official announcement regarding the Gears of War Pro Circuit, by visiting here.


Gears of War 4 is set to launch on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on October 11th, 2016.

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