Red Bulls own Kumite Tournament is making it’s return this year, with of course Street Fighter V as the featured title. The tournament has been announced to be taking place at the Salle Wagram auditorium in Paris set to feature 16 of some of the most prominent Street Fighter V players out there.

The event will be taking place from May 27th-28th with live-streams being available in multiple languages. For those who may be interested in competing, an Open Qualifier tournament will be taking place on Saturday, May 27th, where a maximum of 256 players will go head to head as they try to win qualification into the Red Bull Kumite invitational which will take place the following day.

Currently, 4 players have already been invited to partake in the main Kumite event, and they are as follows:

  • Echo Fox | Tokido
  • Qanba Douyu | Xaio Hai
  • PR Balrog
  • Razor | RB


The Red Bull Kumite/Red Bull Battle Grounds eSports events are some of the most well-produced, entertaining, and visually appealing spectator experiences out there in the competitive gaming scene. The production quality has always known to be top notch, so if you won’t be competing in this event, it’s definitely one that you will not want to miss watching.

If you are interesting in competing, registration will go live on March 18th at 3pm CET. You can register by visiting

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