Competitive H1Z1: King of the Hill is something that has been taking off over the past year or so, as the game has definitely become quite popular among the competitive PC gaming crowd. eSports support has always been suspected to be on the way for the gaming, considering the game has a ranked playlist for teams as well as for solo-play; however, outside of that, not many competitive opportunities have been offered for the game, until now.

The creators of H1Z1, Daybreak, have recently announced that they will be hosting a $300,000 prize pool tournament for the game, with aims to hopefully help establish the game a bit more as a featured eSport title. This a huge step in the right direction for the competitive H1Z1 community, as not only does this event feature a large prize-pool, but the developers are the ones organizing the tournament, which is a pretty big deal.

Daybreak will also be producing a six part “docuseries” entitled “H1Z1: Fight for the Crown”. The series is set to take place on April 20th, and will feature teams such as Echo Fox, Rouge Gaming, Panda Global, and Denial Esports, with more soon to be confirmed.

You can register right now for the tournament now, by visiting

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