Every year the Pokemon World Championship Series seems to get bigger and better. With Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon being hugely successful titles, you can rest assured that many more players will be diving into the competitive Pokemon scene than ever before; this also goes for the introduction of generation 7 within the Pokemon Trading Card Game universe as well.

This years Pokemon World Championship finals will be taking place in Anaheim, California from August 18th-20th, featuring a massive $500,000 prize pool. Trainers will all gather this year to compete in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon tournaments, as well as the  Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Pokken Tournament!

While not much tournament wise has changed from last years World Championship series, this years series as a whole is expected to bring many new faces! Fans are also thrilled about the return of Pokken Tournament to the series, as the Wii U version has not yet received an update to be on-par with the latest version running in Japan which feature new DLC Pokemon, as well as updated balance tweaks. Despite this, the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament will in fact be the version which will be used in this years World Championship series, so be sure to brush up on those skills!


For more information regarding the 2017 Pokemon World Championship Series, be sure to visit the official website located here.

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