Call of Duty seems to be the leading franchise in this new generation of console eSports, and it only seems to be getting bigger. Don’t believe me? Maybe this will convince you.

Earlier yesterday Astro Gaming, the same company behind the amazing series of A30, A40, and A50 gaming headsets we know and love so much, along with DreamHack, announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be making it’s debut at DreamHack this year!

ASTRO Gaming will be supporting the DeamHack Call of Duty Championship featuring a Swedish Championship, Scandinavian Championship, and an Invitational at DreamHack Summer 2015, taking place June 13th-17th. Wow! Ton’s of Call of Duty eSports coming to DreamHack to say the least.

The Director of International Marketing of ASTRO Gaming, Walter Duccini, had this to say on their recent involvement with DreamHack, and helping support console eSports around the globe.

At ASTRO, we are always looking for ways to advance eSports and their integrations on a global level. We’ve watched for years as DreamHack has helped to define a new era of awareness and acceptance of the digital lifestyle and embraced eSports during its infancy. ASTRO is extremely proud to help support the new integration of console eSports within DreamHack, and are excited to see it grow into a cornerstone of the events in the future.


ASTRO Gaming will be the main sponsor of the DreamHack Call of Duty Championship. It’s exciting to see a company for once taking more interest in console eSports, hopefully this trend will grow as more competitive titles launch on consoles.

You can read up on the official announcement over on the official DreamHack page located here.


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