How’s it going everyone? Glake here of W3G, and today I’d like to share with you all an exciting announcement that’s really been a long time coming, especially after this quite lengthy period silence and overall “downtime” as far as operations are concerned on the W3G project.

It wasn’t too long ago that I announced the official “re-boot” for World 3 Gaming, as I wanted to take the project in a different direction, and overall just wanted a clean slate for things after many years of working on the project off and on. Overall, I feel the original image of W3G has fallen from what it once was when I first started the project several years ago, which had ultimately lead me to step away from the project for a bit, before ultimately deciding that a re-boot was necessary.

While a lot of this may come as old news, as the re-boot was announced awhile back; it has been fairly clear that not a lot has been happening since the announcement, aside from the occasional esports news articles, and tournament result logs that are uploaded onto the site. With that said, today I’m very thrilled to announce my official return to the project and some of the things that are on the way starting as soon as this August.

Website Content & Media

First off, I want to talk about website content. The W3G website has always strived to be a hub for esports related news, but ever since the re-boot we’ve always strived to cover esports new, announcements, and results for gaming titles and communities that aren’t “flagship” games within the esports scene. We feel these larger titles already receive enough exposure as is, and with our overall goal to ultimately help build and develop more, smaller, competitive communities within the esports scene – you can expect our coverage to reflect that going forward. Of course, this does not mean that we will ignore esports news surrounding larger titles all-together, just know our priority is always promoting the little guy.

Website content will roughly remain for the most part the same, however, expect new types of written pieces to be published on a frequent basis, as well as an overall consistency with website content as a whole. Aside from written content, we’ll slowly be making our way back into the media game by first bringing back the weekly “E-Link” video esports news update series. This is something I started doing on my personal YouTube Channel last year, and will continue to do so starting up again till the W3G YouTube is setup and organized (it’s a bit dusty over there.)

Announcing the GG Circuit!


Tournament hosting has and always will be the core of World 3 Gaming. It’s what we started doing when I first began the project, and it will always be a major focus going forward as we begin operation once more. With that said, I am pleased to announce a special upcoming tournament series that I’ve been meaning to announce for sometime now that will be kicking off very soon!

The GG Circuit will be our first ever portal league! So, what are portal leagues you ask? Portal Leagues are essentially what we’ll be calling any sort of off-season and or sub tournament series that is not apart of the W3G Tournament Season. These portal leagues will run anywhere from 1-3 months before an official W3G Tournament Season kicks off as well as 1-3 months following the conclusion of a W3G Tournament Season. The GG Circuit will officially kick off this August, and today I’m excited to announce a few of the titles we will be hosting tournament for on the circuit.


  • Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch)

  • ICONS: Combat Arena (PC)

  • HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft (PC)


With more titles to be apart of the circuit on the way, we felt the need to let you all know about these titles first, as each are preparing to get a few major updates. So start practicing as soon as possible! We will be announcing tournament dates, where to sign up, and where the tournaments will be ran very soon, so please keep an eye out on the website as well as social media for future updates!


Overall, I’m really excited to begin working on this project once again! I’d like to think that we’ve got a lot in store for you all, and while it will most certainly be a pretty big undertaking for myself – I also feel very fulfilled to be working on something again that I’ve been so passionate about since I first began the project. We’ll see you all very soon on the digital battlegrounds!


~ Glake

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