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Glake here reporting back in regards to the first official “GG Circuit” online tournament which was held this past weekend. It’s been a long time coming, and after many delays (mostly due to a hectic Holiday season) I finally got around to officially kicking off the GG Circuit Winter Season (also debut season) this past weekend – with our Mario Tennis: Aces tournament being the first event! The online event was fairly successful if I do say so myself, and I want to personally thank the online Aces community for showing support for the event by not only competing, but also coming out to the live-stream as well! 

We had some very close and exciting matches in this event, but Europe was able to take the win overall! You can checkout the official results below!


  • 1st Place – David
  • 2nd Place – TE: DevilWolf
  • 3rd Place – red boo Hooky
  • 4th Place – Pito
  • 5th Place  – MOZARTCARL
  • 5th Place – Nintendart
  • 7th Place – angie.kenna
  • 7th Place – GREEN
  • 9th Place – red boo communism
  • 9th Place – cave mike
  • 9th Place – atewonate 
  • 9th Place – Slim
  • 13th Place – KunaiMason
  • 13th Place – AuntStarr

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