World 3 Gaming is proud to announce the 10th The Overload Series event! Happening this Saturday, August 2nd 2014! Whether you’ve participated in past events for merely just for fun, or to feed that competitive craving, we want to thank you all for participating! With this weeks event, we’d like to add a few additional “optional features”, per say, to the event for specific participants. These features include submitting deck-lists, as well as promoting participants streams, exclusively for them streaming tournament matches. More details on this will be listed below under the rules section, so be sure to give it a read. Nonetheless, we hope to see both new and returning players competing at this weekends event!

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Tournament will begin on Saturday August 2nd! at 8pm Eastern Time! If you are registering out of country, please be sure to know the timezone before entering!
Check In will begin approximately one hour before the start of the tournament (7pm Eastern Time) YOU MUST BOTH SIGN UP & CHECK-IN TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT!

Signup Here!:

Prize system
*10 Participants or less: $5 (winner takes all)
*11-14 Participants: $15 (Winner takes all)
*15 Participants or more: $20 (winner takes all)


-Region Type: North American Accounts Only!

-Please make sure you register using your North American Battle.NET ID

-Bracket Type: Single Elimination

-Mode: BO3 (Best of 3) until Grand Finals, which will be BO5 (Best of 5)

-Deck Format: Players may choose any given Hero before the start of the first game of their match. The winner of each game, must stick with the chosen Hero & Deck until he or she loses. The looser of a round within a game, must pick a different Hero & Deck before the next game. “SIDEBOARDING IS NOT ALLOWED!“

-Matchmaking format: 1v1

-Reporting Matches: Both players are expected to report their matches immediately to the official reporting match section of the tournament.

-For safety, you may screen shot your wins in case cheating or a dispute is suspected.

Deck-list Promotion/ Live-Stream Promotion

Submitting Deck-Lists: The top 4 players of the tournament have the option to submit their deck-lists to World3Gaming to have them featured on as well as the upcoming W3G HearthPwn page! Players will be fully credited, and may provide a guide to the deck if he or she wishes. Simply screen shot the deck-list and submit it to (Players may only submit deck-lists for the decks they used during the tournament, players are limited to 3 decks.)

Submitting Live-Stream: We realize that some players enjoy live-streaming their tournament matches, this is both a risky, yet at the same time, a fun and interactive way to further enjoy the tournament. If you know you will be streaming your tournament matches, feel free to submit your live stream page to us, and have it be promoted on both our website tournament announcement page, as well as various ToS announcement pages on other sites. You can submit your live-stream links to us at

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