The Seat Story cup, is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable HearthStone tournament series to watch, despite the 2nd event only recently concluding. The up-close and personal viewer experience is great, and the ability to watch interviews from all the attendees, as soon as the matches end, are also a great feature that the series brings. Seat Story Cup 2 took place late last week. Here are the official results from the event.


1st Place: Team Liquid| Savjz

2nd Place: eSuba| Mirrari

3rd Place: ROOT| Xixo

4th Place: Theude

5th Place: Cloud 9| Kolento

6th Place: Tempo Storm| Reynad

7th Place: Team Solomid| Trump

8th Place: METHOD| Cabrix


Check out all of the tournament participant listing, and group stage results here!

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