Yesterday was probably the most exciting day in Competitive Call of Duty history, as Activision took everything we know and love about competitive CoD to the next level by announcing the “Call of Duty World League”.

The league is set to kick off in January of 2016, ultimately tying everything competitive Call of Duty related into one, organized, giant League. This new league will feature live-streamed regional competitions held all throughout the year, and will offer more opportunities for players of all skill levels to have a shot to earn a spot at the Call of Duty Championships. Activision has also upped the prize pool from their previous $1mil to $3mil in winnings throughout the year!

Going a little deeper, the World League will feature multiple divisions. A Pro Division and a Challenge Division. The Pro Division is set to feature competitions within North America, Europe, and Australia. The Challenge Division however, is set to give amateur teams a chance to compete within a series official LAN events ultimately giving teams a shot to secure a spot at the Call of Duty Championship.


Further news and details are soon to release regarding the “World League” so be sure to stay tuned to our website for future announcements regarding this reveal. You can check out the official announcement over on Activision’s Blog.

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