Earlier last week, we officially received details on what exactly the newly announced Penny Arcade Tournament Series “PAX Arena”, has in store for the upcoming Penny Arcade convention, PAX East, which will be taking place from April 22nd – April 24th later this week.

PAX Arena, will be hosting a Street Fighter V invitational tournament, which will feature a prize pool of $8,000. As of now, there are seven confirmed players to be in attendance, with the 8th player TBD. The current confirmed players are:


  • Flash Metroid
  • Team Liquid | NuckleDu
  • Evil Genius| Ricky Ortiz
  • Evil Genius| K-Brad
  • Arturo Sanchez
  • LI Joe
  • Marn


More information is soon to be announced regarding this event. However, it seems players will be competing on both April 22nd and April 23rd, and will conclude the Invitational with exhibition matches, which will take place on April 24th. The infamous DJ Steve Aoki, will also be in attendance, and will be taking on an undetermined challenger, in a match of Street Fighter V.


You’ll be able to watch all the action LIVE from Twitch’s PAX Arena Channel, during each day of PAX East, which will kick on at 12pm EST from April 22nd- April 24th.



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